Our Story

adventure meets design

About Beautiful Adventures

Life is full of adventures and every day holds something new.  Sometimes we have experiences that are big and exciting, and other times they can be small yet meaningful.

We design jewelry to help capture the events in life that are worth remembering.  Our designs are timeless and can be worn easily as an extension of self expression and to inspire new experiences and stories to share.

Beautiful Adventures is more than just a brand.  It’s a way of embracing moments and living a life that is filled with passion and expression.  Life is an adventure so live it to the fullest and make every moment count.

What’s your next adventure?

About J & J

Jennifer and Jonathan (their friends call them J & J) have a love for life, adventuring, and finding joy in as many moments as possible.  It wasn’t an immediate union when they met, since both of them are very independent and stubborn, but it was easy to find common ground with Jonathan’s love for adventure and Jennifer’s passion for new experiences.  They both love exploring and learning new things and they both have a quirky sense of humor.

Jennifer is a dreamer and the creative type with an eye for design and a passion for beautiful things and memorable experiences.  She studied interior design and loves to make things beautiful and functional.  She’s also a massage therapist and very intuitive with people and emotion.  She will try anything once and loves nothing more than spending time with people who have raw, authentic personalities.  She’s also a hopeless romantic and has always been drawn to things that spark creativity and wonder.

Jonathan has a vast history in technology and started taking apart computers to see how they worked and building them at a young age.  He loves figuring out how to put things together and can MacGyver just about anything.  He also has a passion for adventure and shenanigans and is an avid skydiver.  If someone says something is probably a bad idea, Jonathan is the first to sign up.

Very early in their relationship, Jonathan introduced Jennifer to the art of cutting Australian opal, which incidentally, is her birthstone and favorite gemstone.  He started cutting them about ten years ago, and became addicted to ‘chasing the sparkles’ buried in the raw stone.  She became immediately hooked as she loves anything that shines.  Their love of creating beautiful things sparked the inspiration to take the fun adventures and experiences they were having and turn them into something more.  They wanted to make something memorable, meaningful, beautiful, and lasting.

They both have a passion for knowledge and learning new things and were able to utilize technology, design, graphics, and 3D printing to conceive, cast and create jewelry.   Both of them have an intrinsic drive to ‘do it yourself’, so they are largely self taught and then perfected through local instruction.  They both feel that getting their hands dirty and making something from inspiration all the way through to a tangible handcrafted piece of art was something that was important to take on every step of the way.

Beautiful Adventures is the culmination of designing and creating meaningful pieces of jewelry and the desire to capture and remember beautiful moments and experiences in life.  It’s a way to channel them into something beautiful, memorable, and tangible.  It’s a way to take cherished moments and keep them suspended through time, a way to treasure the things in life that mean something, and a way to tell stories and share experiences.  After all, life truly is a beautiful adventure.