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Signature Collection

Each item in our signature collection is designed and handcrafted exclusively for an Australian opal that we cut ourselves.  It is our favorite gemstone and currently the only one we use.  Opals are full of sparkle and mystery and completely unique.  Owning one of these designer pieces will certainly set you apart from the norm.

let love in

Open Heart Collection

The Open Heart Collection is a reminder to keep an open heart.  Some of the most beautiful things in life are on the other side of fear and vulnerability.  The ability to let others in is truly brave, but keeping the heart open to all of the experiences in life and the potential joy they bring is so rewarding and a gift worthy of that bravery.

inspired by stars

Infinity Collection

Our Infinity Collection was inspired by the brilliant stars in the night sky the way they seem to dance and go on forever!  We wanted to create something that represents the magical world of light that lives beyond ours.  Infinity represents limitless or eternity.  It’s also an empowering reminder to wear because of all that it encompasses.

feel the air

Mountain Collection

Our Mountain Collection was inspired by the beautiful Rocky Mountain Range.  There are so many exciting adventures to be had high among the trees from hiking to skiing to snowshoeing and mountain biking.  Connect with nature with this outdoor collection.