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What We Make

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Signature Collection

A collection of one of a kind pieces featuring Australian opals.

Mountain Collection

A collection inspired by majestic mountains and the adventures they hold.

Infinity Collection

A collection inspired by the stars in the night sky that go on for infinity.

Open Heart Collection

A collection to serve as a reminder to keep an open heart and enjoy the best things in life.

Custom Rings

Design your own ring by choosing an opal from our collection and choosing the perfect band to display it. 

Adventure inspired jewelry is such a unique way to capture and remember the amazing and fun experiences in life.  What better way than to have a memento to cherish for years to come and pass down for generations?

Our Story

Life is full of adventures and every day holds something new.  Sometimes we have experiences that are big and exciting, and other times they can be small yet meaningful.

We design jewelry to help capture the events in life that are worth remembering.  Our designs are timeless and can be worn easily as an extension of self expression and to inspire new experiences and stories to share.

Beautiful Adventures is more than just a brand.  It’s a way of embracing moments and living a life that is filled with passion and expression.  Life is an adventure so live it to the fullest and make every moment count.

What’s your next adventure?

adventure inspired jewelry