Protective Face Shields

by beautiful designs




As we are navigating our way through what may be our new normal, the need for PPE is becoming more and more necessary.

Beautiful Adventures started an initiative to provide frontline medical workers with face shields in a time of crisis and was very successful in providing thousands of shields through a community effort.  You can read more about that here.  However, times are evolving and with reopening to the public, and continued research, shields may be an effective addition to public safety.

We have perfected our design for comfort and safety and are proud to offer our updated shield as an added layer of protection.

Please note that while these shields are fully compliant with CDC and FDA guidelines, they are not a substitute for full protection from viral contamination.  Please see our FAQ for more information.



As a physician seeing patients who have symptoms and have tested positive for Covid, I have been relying on this shield as essential PPE.  Especially in this era of the new normal of substandard PPE due to downgrading of requirements in seeing patients with this virus, i.e. reusing N95 masks for weeks on end or getting a single surgical mask to use during one shift, I realized that I had to fend for myself in protecting my health.  This shield is comfortable, light, effective, and allows me to examine patients unencumbered, with the peace of mind I need to safely do my job.
Laura Anderson, MD

U Health Urgent Care Community Clinics

I am a healthcare frontliner working in Urgent Care. I take care of COVID positive patients.  I test patients in the outdoor tents, and I see patients in clinics who are really sick.  When COVID surfaced in the US, I was afraid of going to clinics and getting sick.  We were limited with our PPE and didn’t have adequate face shields.  Some didn’t cover enough of my face, some were meant to be disposable but we didn’t have enough and had to reuse them.  Some were covering too much and we couldn’t breathe under them, and some were uncomfortable and couldn’t be worn all day.  When I came across this face shield, I knew it was a winner.  The shield is light yet stable, it covers my face well without being in my way when I move.  This is important because anyone with a job involving movement, whether stocking shelves in a store or doing CPR in clinic, this shield gives me both freedom of movement and maximum protection while staying on my head.  Wearing it has reduced my stress level and my fear of becoming infected or infecting others.  This is the new normal, whether it’s flu or covid, I feel much safer without the discomfort.  Best money I ever spent!!
Luce Forté, MPAS, PA-C

U Health Urgent Care Community Clinics

The face shield I received is very well made!  It’s comfortable to wear for long periods of time.  It fits very nicely over my protective glasses and mask without feeling like I can’t breathe.  This is the best on the market for the price.  I feel much safer having it on.
Brian Kelly MSN, FNP, NP-C

University of Utah Community Clinics