Frequently Asked Questions

for face shields
What is a full face shield?

A full face shield is a PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) item that covers the face to offer additional barrier from aerosolized infectious bacteria and viruses.  CDC requires that the shield cover the front and sides of the face to be considered for use in a healthcare setting.

Are face shields only for medical professionals?

No. Anyone who may come into contact with infected individuals as part of their job or social activities can benefit from the protection that our face shield provides.

do I need a face shield?

Face shields are a personal preference, but are becoming more common as studies support their value in adding protection and lowering the risk of exposure to viruses and bacteria.  Medical professionals use them as an additional protection over mask/goggles to mitigate the risk of exposure.  Although face shields alone do not replace the protection that a mask/goggle combination offers, many non medical individuals prefer them to wearing a mask because of their comfort.  A face shield offers good protection as opposed to no protection at all.

Who are face shields for?

Face shields can be used by anyone from medical professionals, to public consumers who would like an added layer of protection.

Will a face shield protect me from the coronavirus?

No single protective item will protect you completely from infection if you are in close proximity with someone who is infected with COVID-19 (or any other infectious disease).  Face shields are best used in combination with other protective equipment, namely face masks and eye protection. 


Significant research is being conducted now on the effectiveness of face shields as a primary means of preventing infection.  As clinical guidelines evolve, we will continue to keep this FAQ updated with the latest information.

Do your face shields meet CDC/FDA PPE guidelines?

Yes.  Our face shields are approved for use in healthcare settings, including ER and COVID-19 ICU units. 


By complying with CDC/FDA medical standards, we are ensuring that our shields provide the best possible protection for you regardless of where you work, shop or play.

Do I need to wear a mask if I have a shield?

Because face shields do not provide 100% protection from infection, we always recommend that you use our face shields in conjunction with at least surgical grade face masks. 


Recent research indicates that there is significant benefit to wearing face shields alone, but until that research can be reviewed and accepted into new medical guidelines we will continue to recommend using our face shields in combination with surgical grade face masks.

Can I wear a face shield if I wear glasses?

Yes.  Our shields are designed to provide plenty of room for eyeglass wearers.

How does a face shield work?

Face shields provide protection in multiple ways:


  1. Face shields directly protect the face from aerosolized bacteria and viruses caused by an infected person sneezing and/or coughing.
  2. Face shields indirectly protect you from transferring bacteria and viruses from your hand to your face (if you’re like us, you don’t think twice about scratching your nose when you’re out shopping.  While wearing one of our shields, you have a constant reminder to wash your hands before touching your face).
  3. Face shields also protect others from you.  If you are one of the many asymptomatic COVID-19 carriers, wearing a face shield protects others from aerosolized viruses coming from you.
Are face shields reusable?

Yes.  Our face shield is designed for repeated use by a single user.  Not only is it tough and flexible, it is also the most comfortable face shield on the market.

Can face shields be shared?

Although we do not recommend that any PPE items be shared between individuals, there are times when it is unavoidable.  Our shields can be easily adjusted for different sized heads.  If you are sharing our face shields, make sure you completely disinfect your shield between uses.

How do I clean/disinfect my face shield?

Our face shield is designed for reusability, and with proper care will last through many uses.  Certain parts of the shield will need to be replaced over time (comfort strip, clear plastic shield) as they will wear with use.


Cleaning and disinfecting your shield:

  • Acceptable disinfecting agents include:
    • Isopropyl Alcohol (70%)
    • Hydrogen Peroxide (25%)
    • EPA registered wipes
Will my face shield fog up?

Our face shields are designed with sufficient distance between your face and the inner side of the shield so that fogging isn’t an issue unless you are wearing the shield in low temperature areas (freezer spaces, outside in winter, etc.)

What if my face shield breaks?

Although our shields are designed for repeated usage, accidents happen.  Replacement clear shields are available on our website.

Can I see clearly through a face shield?

Yes.  We only use medical grade clear plastic for our shield material with limited glare so that you can see clearly enough for any type of activity while wearing our shields.