Meet Seren. She is a beautiful blue Australian crystal opal with swirls of different shades of blue and flashes of purple. She was designed for a lively, adventurous soul in Texas. 

During the design process, when offered an invitation to name her creation, my customer was a little hesitant and wanted to think about that for a bit. She wanted to know the power of opal. She explained that she was into stones and crystals and their power, and felt that information would help her to determine a name.

There is a lot of information about opal out there. Opal is a seductive and emotional stone. It can intensify emotional states and release inhibition. Crystal opal, in particular, is known for health and healing. It also inspires cleverness and creativity.

I also told her that I feel like each opal has it’s own energy and tells a story. I told her that this one felt calming and balanced to me. It also felt a little mystical and inspired wonder.

A few days later, she messaged me. She had it! She had chosen the name Seren. It is the first part of ‘serenity’ and also ‘serendipity.’ They are two of her favorite words. The name gave me chills. It was perfect!

When she received the ring I got a message from her telling me how much she loved it and how perfect it was. She also said, “My friend loved it and when I told her the story and the name, she loved it even more. I’m obsessed! I may never take it off. Lol.”

She also shared with me that Seren arrived on a day she had an adventure that was just a little too exciting for comfort. Her adrenaline was surging, and she needed to calm down. The timing was perfect. Serendipitous.