Two weeks. Two weeks since I fired up my 3d printer and started printing. We’ve gone from zero to 170 shields to our medical heroes on the front lines and our PPE Maker community is growing fast!

Two major announcements from the past week:

First, we have merged efforts with a Maker group led by Chris and Rachel Andrist in Lehi. That collaboration allowed us to take advantage of a partnership with Lashbrook Designs, a very unique custom Men’s wedding band maker in Draper. They have graciously donated the material and laser cutting machinery to make available 6000 clear shields for our face shields. Thank you Lashbrook!

Second, we are pleased to announce that we’ve formed a collaboration with Kate Mapp of the Park City Library, who has agreed to dedicate their idle 3d printing capacity to printing PPE models for us and other groups! We are looking forward to expanding that relationship to libraries throughout the Wasatch Front.

As I’m looking at all of the parts waiting for the next 200 shields, I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have donated your printers and your money to this effort. Of course we’re not done yet, and still really need your help. We’ve made it easier to donate to our effort, just follow this link to our GoFundMe page. Every dollar donated goes directly to the materials we need to keep making face shields.


I also want to thank the Makers in the group Utah Covid-19 PPE Makers – without their participation I would be talking about the 17th shield delivered, not the 170th

And last but certainly not least, I want to thank our medical people on the front lines. You are the reason why we are doing this.