What a difference a few days make. Earlier in the week I had predicted (optiimistically) that we would be able to to produce 50 face shields by the end of our first week. Turns out I was way off. We will hit the 100 mark in a few hours. Out of those 100 shields, 70 of them have been delivered to their new owners, keeping them safe while they keep us safe. And we’re just getting started.

I want to send a huge thank you to Brète Thomas of Williams Custom Jewelers. Thanks to his contribution, we will be able to provide 200 more face shields to our friends on the front lines against Covid-19. Because of his contribution and the donations of others, the first 400 masks we are making will be provided at no cost to our friends and family.

I also want to thank the group of volunteers who have stepped up with their 3d printers and started printing face shield parts. Since we formed the group last Tuesday, we have grown to over 20 members, and have already started receiving their first batches of prints. If you know of anyone with a 3d printer who wants to contribute, please direct them to this group: Utah Covid-19 PPE Makers

As always, my most sincere thanks go to my wife Jennifer, who is taking care of the business while I do my best impression of a medical device manufacturer. Thanks babe! It’s not the adventure we were planning for, but it’s certainly an interesting one to be on!